As of Oct 5th, 2018 all magazines shipped by Recently will process a shipping charge.

$3.99 USD
Anywhere in the US. (+ APO)

Shipping Service: UPS MI (UPS + USPS)

$7.99 USD - $10.99 USD
Outside the US

Shipping Service: UPS International

International shipping rates will vary based on end destination, and be visible in the app, upon checkout review. 

We are working to add co-shipping for reduced rates on shipping multiple magzines. 

Please find below the announcement from the owners about shipping fees:

Dear Recently Subscribers,

It’s been three wonderful years since we introduced Recently and began shipping love filled magazines  of beautiful photos. Your encouraging feedback and continued support have been humbling. And it has been a privilege to help document and share the stories of your lives. Over the last couple months, we’ve released many exciting upgrades to Recently, including the following:

• Layout options for up to 150 photos per magazine

• Interior cover color selection

• UPS delivery for faster delivery and better protection 

• Tracking Information under Order History

• More cropping options on Cover Layouts

• Improved user interface 

• Continuous print cycle

• Review Page to show Credits, and Discounts at Checkout

• International Shipping

These changes, among others, should allow for greater clarity, better customer support and an overall even more enjoyable user experience!

Since we began, we have proudly offered free shipping. But over the last three years, carrier shipping rates have been raised four times. Because of this increased cost of mail delivery, unfortunately we are no longer able to offer this courtesy. A $2.99 shipping/handling fee will now be charged per printed magazine. (International shipping will be listed by destination in the app.)

We aren't stopping the improvements. Please let us know of any features you’d like us to add next. We can’t wait to hear from you!

We look forward to sending you more magazines filled with wonderful photos throughout 2019.

Liz, Howie & Scott

Team Recently

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