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I Received a Gift Certificate – How do I sign up?
I Received a Gift Certificate – How do I sign up?
Written by Scott
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How to redeem & start using the app:

  • Install the iPhone App – DOWNLOAD

  • Under the settings menu, tap SIGN UP

  • Use the email address from the gift certificate on sign up

  • A valid credit card is needed to join (see below)

  • You're all set to start making magazines

Why do I need to enter my Credit Card?
If you have received a Gift Certificate a valid credit card is still needed as part of the sign up process. Gift Certificates automatically pay for the monthly (quarterly) subscription fee until they run out. That subscription fee includes the ability to publish one magazine during that period.

You can always make more than one magazine per period. You can make as many as you'd like!

When gift certificate credits are used up, all accounts roll over to active subscriptions. This way you're never blocked from publishing your next magazine.

Users can cancel the account at any time under settings/membership.


  • There is no gift code, or certificate number to enter.

  • The app knows, based on your email about the credit.

  • Once in, you'll see the gift credit amount under the settings menu.

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