The app should be getting that info from the server, unsure why it's not. 

Although a delete/reinstall/Log In might solve this you can also feel free to send the email below (with all the info below) to as many friends as you'd like from the address you're signed up with - it'll log the referrals just the same


TO: anyone


Subject: Here are $5 dollars, because you're awesome.


I've been using Recently, You have to check it out. "must-buy items in 2017" - The Today Show
"for the Instagram obsessed" - Real Simple
"the best thing in (your) mailbox" - Mashable

It's a mobile-to-magazine app. It turns your iPhone photos into a magazine. It takes a couple minutes a month, and you receive an gorgeous, collection-worthy magazine.

You can invite friends and family to subscribe to your magazines, and they can opt to purchase a copy. #timesaver #moneysaver

Free app + a free magazine = no brainer.
It's super simple, just:

  1. download the app -

  2. sign up with the email address this came to

  3. Your account will automatically have the credit on it!

They're seriously gorgeous - check out the website:


---------------------- (end)

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