Issue Uploading?

Here are some scenarios, and solutions to fix the issue

Written by Scott
Updated over a week ago

A successful upload should take 2-4 minutes on Wifi, max. If it’s taking longer, please restart the app (and/or phone) and try again. Worst case, deleting and re-installing the app is a great method to eradicate a bug or issue. 

Look out for these issues:

  1. Alert PDF cannot upload photos. SOLUTION: Update the phone's iOS to the current version

  2. Upload taking over 4 minutes. SOLUTION: Make sure you're using iPhone size photos. Using RAW or Hi Rez photos from a DLR will not be able to be processed with the phone's memory

  3. Phone went to sleep. SOLUTION: Tap screen to ensure the phone stays open on the app until upload is complete.

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