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How do I Publish a Magazine?
How do I Publish a Magazine?

It's super easy to make a magazine using Recently.

Written by Scott
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The goal of Recently is to get your photos into print as quickly as we can. We know you have very little free time!

The app automatically lays out each page based on the photos included, so you don't have to spend hours doing so.

We just need you to pick which photos to include and tap Publish. Here are the basic steps. Should take you mere minutes.

Start by selecting a source for photos.

  1. All Photos

  2. Favorites

  3. Selfies

  4. Albums (Includes shared iCloud albums)

  5. Dates

  6. Or recently selected photos from your last time in the app...

Use the top dropdown to select number of photos you'd like to include in your magazine. Hints:

  1. The higher number of photos, the smaller the photos will print.

  2. Using 25, 50 and 75 photos will yield full page photos in the magazine.

  3. The general layout is shown as icons in the dropdown.

  1. Simply tap to select photos

  2. Tap again to unselect photos

  3. Press & hold to enlarge a photo, and review it in detail

  1. Recently arranges photos chronologically to save time.

  2. You can always press & drag to rearrange if you'd like

  3. Photos are shown as thumbnails on this screen so you can quickly see their context. Just like in Apple's Photos app. The photo will print in full.

Personalize your colors, dates and spine text. Hints:

  1. Title/Spine will show on the cover and also on the first page of the magazine

  2. Date will show on the cover, but can be left off if you'd like!

  3. Pick an accent color by tapping the dots.

Layout your cover. Hints:

  1. Pick any photo from the magazine to use as a cover

  2. Your accent color will be the same as the one picked on the previous screen

  3. tap to crop photo cover

Review the order and PUBLISH!

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